Thursday, May 7, 2009

No wind is a blessing for this type of shooting

I am starting to recall the old days when I used a 1:1 macro lens with my Canon manual focus system, it was often a great challenge to get good close-up images. The big enemy was wind, as I was using ISO 64 slide film and, with the thin depth of field, slow shutter speeds were necessary. Many shots ended up in the round file.

With digital, there is a prominent delete button on the back of both my Nikon DSLR's; there is a DEL key on the laptop, both get a lot of use.

I managed to get a couple nice files to add to the blog, I have a long way to go to hone the technique. In fact, I may only ever be a casual macro shooter, so the 500D is nice as it didn't break the bank as would a true macro lens would.

These were taken at our LDS meetinghouse with the D80 and AF-S 70-300mm VR, the flowers are just starting to show their colors.

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