Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally getting somewhere.......

I am determined to get the technique of shooting macro images perfected, or at least as far as I can. The key is to get out there, early, while the wind is not a factor and shoot straight-on to the subject. Still, depth of field will always be a factor.

Hey, no sensor dust this time round=)


  1. Those are getting really nice. What makes a macro lens do what it can do?

  2. Hi Colin - I actually do not have a true macro lens, the Canon 500D is a close-up filter with two glass elements specially corrected for this kind of shooting. The 70-300mm VR has a MFD of 5 feet but decent macro capability on its own, the 500D enhances it about life-size (1:1).

    A true macro lens is a fixed focal length, with a highly-corrected optical formula. The usual focal lengths for macros are 60mm, 105mm and even longer.