Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stolen shots

We had our annual stake conference at the Rebecca Cohn, this morning, this is where all the Saints gather once a year. I casually walked in with my Domke F-4AF bag (including the D60 and f/2.8 zooms), I had anticipated shooting some available-light images as I had done there a few years ago. I simply ignored the "no cameras or recording" device signs (why are these things banned from a place that has concerts and plays?)

I was able to get off a few frames before the staff realized I had intruded on their policy. I politely asked that I take a couple from the balcony of the youth choir, this is probably the only record of them performing. They kindly obliged and I stopped shooting.

I put away the bag and enjoyed the conference addresses, realizing I had done my photojournalism duties and stole a couple worthwhile captures.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall splendor in Mahone Bay

I gathered these captures two days ago, just getting around to them as a new laptop was pending. Thankfully, the 3 GB of RAM does make Capture NX2 run much better than it did on the former machine.

D60 and 70-300mm VR.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Peak season for colors

It seems that this autumn wasn't as glorious as I would have hoped, but, nonetheless, not too bad from a photographic point of view. I tried to chase the "good light" and use it to my advantage where I could so my files weren't the typical boring fall images. It's hard to find new ideas after shooting the same subject material for a quarter of a century.

Monday was our Thanksgiving holiday, it afforded me some time to go out and see what was out there to be had. I went both early in the morning (sun now rises after 7am!) to just before sunset. I cam away with some decent captures. I used the 12-24mm and 16-85mm for this particular blog entry.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall colors - old train tracks

I have shot tens of thousands of fall images over the last 25 years, seems I have no need for any more. Of course, when the colors start to spring forth, I still get excited and go shoot.

Years ago, the government in its infinite stupidity decided the train tracks needed to go, the decision created a lot of negative consequences, such as premature road destruction by heavy load-laden trucks. The only benefit to most if from this momentous thinking was a comprehensive system of trails for four-wheelers, bicycles and motorbikes - and great walking pathways.

Anyway, I am slowly developing a love-hate relationship with my Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, but its image quality always is assuredly excellent. Works well on the D80 as the AF is reasonably fast and postive.