Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trip to Peggy's Cove with 12-24mm

This UWA lens is to good just to only shoot interiors for real estate listings, I plan on using it for a variety of purposes. Yesterday afternoon's lighting was perfect at Peggy's Cove, I sauntered down as I had a shoot to do for early that evening and needed some time to kill.

The AF-S 12-24mm is a tricky beast and I am always straightening out horizons - the lens would never have distortion, would it?

The D80 is my "landscape" camera just for those times when you may want a large print.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Weather system should have been called a hurricane

The forecast called for heavy rains and wind, but actually turned out to be almost a hurricane with 100 km/h plus winds. I knew there would be a bit of a surge of water along the coast, so I took a drive along Highway 331 and was not disappointed. I tried to shoot some of my initial files, outside, the wind almost blew me over.

I settled on opening the passenger's side window and using the 70-300mm VR's excellent stabilization to allow me an exposure of 1/125th sec @ f/8 for all of the recorded files. The rain that got on my D80 and lens was minimal, but it happens when you shoot in a storm!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Auto graveyard

One of my favourite local places to visit with a camera is this abandoned auto salvage yard in Springfield. Each time I go there, the conditions are worse. I noted the building had collapsed in the back, perhaps under the weight of heavy snow. It's a different experience in the winter as I am not sure if I will end up with a nail coming through my boots, so I tread very carefully.

The Nikon 12-24mm works great as a general walk around lens for me since I love wide angle imaging. Expensive glass should be extra-versatile.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of day at Cherry Hill

After I got back from a Church assignment, I took a leisurely drive down along Highway 331 hoping to find something of interest. The sky was certainly moody as I beat and pounded over the road that had, unsurprisingly, become poor even after recent new pavement.

I shot about 20 files when I stopped by a outlet where fluids (hopefully water!) was being let out to sea.

D40 and 16-85mm VR.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stumbling on a photo opportunity

The sun had just ducked below the horizon just over and hour ago. When I went to close my back door, I noticed this and quickly retrieved the D40 and 70-300mm VR from inside. Within seconds, I had taken 12 images and thus yet another unexpected moment in time was captured.......

More fun with my UWA - landscapes

I think I have had enough of "testing" the Nikon 12-24mm zoom. I knew of one great location to capture the sweeping landscape - the Hunts Point Government Wharf - I was just hoping it would be low tide when I arrived, my efforts were rewarded.

I am happy with the lens, it does its job very nicely. It doesn't seem pin-sharp like the 16-85mm VR but, from experiences with my older Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 prime in the days of film, ultra-wide angle lenses just are not as sharp by design. An exception would be the Nikon 14-24mm which is legendary but that lens is designed for full-frame DSLR's and a huge outlay of cash is needed for the FX format.

The main reason for getting the 12-24mm is for real estate work, I should have an advantage as most agents don't even own a DSLR let alone an UWA for this kind of work.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The aftermath of a quick storm

I knew I had more time to shoot before work as the days have been lengthened out, both at the begining and end - a sure sign spring isn't too far away - the snow from yesterday's storm was heavy and uncontaminated by human footprints as I took a few quickies around the Carding Mills. The Nikon 12-24mm is a magical piece of glass but very challenging to use.

It's a good thing a little snow doesn't harm a camera and lens.........

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another blast of old man winter

It's only mid-February so we shouldn't think that winter is almost over - maybe in a months time, we might be able to have more confidence in such a statement. I took out the AF-S 12-24mm and D80 for some pre-work shooting and came away with something worthwhile.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday drive to Dartmouth

I had to lave the house about 6:30am, this morning, it's great to see dawn light forming shortly after 7 o'clock. Now that I have five lenses, am not sure what my "travel" kit will be - I did take the 12-24mm with me attached to the D80. I came across some nice light as I trekked along the 103 where it divids the other side of the Hammonds Plains turnoff. The good thing about this time of day is that you can stand in the middle of the road, not too many cars.........

When shooting in cramped quarters, an UWA saves the day

I thought I'd put my new 12-24mm through a good workout by visiting Ross Farm and shooting some interior images. It worked perfectly, with and without flash. I still need to be mindful of the inherent distortion at the fringes if the lens is tipped at a downward angle.

It's a fun optic to use and it has a lot of practical advantages over most other lenses. It's already been a good investment.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New glass! Nikon 12-24mm zoom

It's not every day I buy a new lens, so I have to crow about it a bit. Actually, the AF-S 12-24mm f/4 is not a new lens, snagged an absolutely mint model on the Web with some help from a Church friend. It certainly could pass as being new, that's how well-maintained it was.

Just as some background, Nikon introduced this lens about six years ago to address a need to have a true ultra wide angle lens for their cropped-body APS-C sensor cameras (otherwise known as DX). Up to this particular time, traditional UWA's used for film cameras simply could not get all that was often necessary in the frame, due to the 1.5x crop - a 20mm became a less-than-useful 30mm in film terminology thinking - landscape shooters were not happy.

Of course, after Nikon released this lens, imitators followed by third-party makers, but they can't match this baby in terms of sharpness, contrast, low distortion and contrast.

Anyway, my copy seems to do a sterling job, more testing is needed. The main use for this lens will be photographing interiors when I get around to shooting RE listings, but it's just a plain, fun (if not tricky) lens to use.