Saturday, May 30, 2009

New life begins

I decided early this morning that I might drop into Ross Farm on my way to New Minas to do some errands, I'd only be able to spare an hour or so due to the pending traffic jams for the Apple Blossom Festival. As always, I was able to get the good lighting for outdoor images. After shooting a worker who was cleaning up some recently-cut grass, he was happy to announce one of the female lambs just gave birth to two baby ewes.

Talk about good timing! The births just happened since I came in the entrance at 9:30, this was about 10am.

I had the 70-300mm VR on the D40, with the new SB-600 flash, so I was ready to record these little creatures. I had no idea a newborn ewe was yellow in color, this was not a post-processing trick=)

Anyway, I was very glad to be in the right place at the right time, photography is as much about getting lucky as having skill, it's good to have both.


  1. I know I comment all the time but I just love this! The color you get with this camera is amazing. I'm sold. I have to have it. I love Ross Farm too

  2. Hehehehe........I did these photos to try to sell you on the D40. It's still the photographer that takes the picture, though. I recommend you get a copy of Capture NX2, as it will allow you to get the most from the camera.

  3. you saying I can't take a good pic?!?!? I'll prove you wrong! Capture NX2 a program I'm guessing?

  4. Capture NX is Nikon's own software package, it doesn't come bundled with their cameras, all you get is the basic Picture Project which is OK for using JPEG's and simple editing.