Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leaving my DSLR gear at home - no problem, the Coolpix 8400 does well!

I decided as I was tossing and turning as I tried to sleep, last night, I would get up and take the Coolpix 8400 with me to the city. Instead of going to Peggy's Cove after a meeting in the Halifax LDS meetinghouse, I decided the best light of the day would be early in the morning.

That was a good choice as it was raining by mid-morning.

I tried a diferent type of workflow - I shot TIFF files, directly (I don't know if any DSLR or other compact allows this feature), there is a long waiting time to write to the CF card for each file, then edited a copy of the largish 22MB TIFF file to post to this blog. I can edit these files using Capture NX2, but I lose my exposure compensation slider. Weird.

Not sure if this method is clunkier than shooting straight NEF's, but, with this mode, I at least have a true b/w setting.

Whatever, the photos came out quite well and I am happy with them.

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