Wednesday, April 15, 2009

250 files through the D40 in one day

I am starting to convince myself I enjoy using this entry-level Nikon DSLR more than the D80; it's way lighter, easy to use, seems as fast to operate, and the smaller 6 MP sensor seems to yield crisper images. The 10 MP D80 is brutishly rugged and has a better AF system, plus the usual preferred features, such s a depth of field preview and provisions to integrate with Nikon Speedlites in a magical way.

Whatever, I had no trouble blasting about 250 files, today, through the little Nikon. The first was taken in my yard before I set off to work, the last one was a lucky capture at dusk. You know, many of us dump on built-in flashes, but I needed it for the shot.

The cult-classic 70-300mm VR was used for both images.


  1. The sheer portability of that D40 has me kinda wanting one, though I wonder if it wouldn't be smarter to get a camera that I could use my Canon glass with. (Or I could sell it all and switch teams...hahaha.)

  2. Hey Mike - nothing wrong with the Rebel, but the D40 started it all for Nikon's comeback in the DSLR game. Canon glass is good, but I am finding that Nikon optics are doing it for me, at least for now..........