Monday, June 29, 2009

Moyle, the sign man

You certainly can meet some interesting people around here, this guy tops them all. He is a sign man for Dexter's Construction, he has been doing this forever. He had no problems whatsoever when I stopped at his sign and consented to being photographed. You just know he is a colorful character by looking at him. I can see one of these being an 8x10 and behind a frame, it might be a good entry for the upcoming South Shore Exhibition's photo displays.

Dummy old me could have had him in the sights of my D40 and Sigma 50-150mm zoom the other day, but I thought I could go back to the same spot in the morning, the light would be better, but he didn't show up. These people move around a lot, even within the same day. Anyway, I didn't let this opportunity slip by, I had the D40 and Sigma zoom sitting on the front seat of my Sentra.

I had to use the dinky built-in flash, worked perfectly, 1/320th second @ f/4, ISO 200. The new Sigma zoom is very sharp and has a nice out-of-focus background, focus has to be just bang-on. (photographers refer to this as bokeh)

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