Friday, June 12, 2009

Best shot of the week

I banged out a lot of files with the D80, this week, even though I enjoy using the D40, this upscale and tank-like DSLR does have a better viewfinder and superior AF. As much as I enjoy nature and scenics, my heart is really catered towards people and photojournalism-style shooting.

The ideal lighting conditions existed this morning for me - fog, mist, and comfortable temperatures, and no flies. Due to the fact it was 7am, the marginal light required me to shoot at ISO 400 with the 70-300mm VR to get something workable. I shot this nearly wide-open (f/6.3)at 1/100th second on a "consumer" zoom, looks fine to me. In fact, I plan to print an 8x10 from a TIFF file I created, so it passes my critical testing.

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