Friday, April 2, 2010

A photo contest type of image

I had a marvelous day with my Nikons, the light as perfect for what I wanted to do, both in the afternoon and evening. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for this image. I drove over the bridge from LaHave Island as I was leaving the government harbour, I spied a hunched-over fisherman behind these traps piled out on the long wharf. Then, much to my delight, I saw another fisherman with a wheelbarrow moving other traps back and forth to shore.

I whipped out the 70-300mm VR and attached to the D80, I racked it all the way out......The fog tends to soften the image.

He made several trips as he stared at me a few times. I rattled of about 25 files, this has potential for something extra-special.


  1. Perfect picture, Ron!
    I am in awe when I see your photos.Shows what a toy my little digital Camera is.I have no knowledge whatsoever. Just an eye for beauty and some luck sometimes.

  2. Hehehe......I sent that to Vernon Oickle, you may see that on the Log in the near future.

    For someone technically challenged, you do very well=) It's not about shutter speeds and apertures, it's about lighting and composition.