Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A few from today's Tancook Island excursion

I decided to treat this week sort of like a vacation - if I pass the RE licensing exam, I won't have this much time off for the foreseeable future. The weather is great and there are no flies, it's an ideal time to do some photography.

I was anticipating an overcast day on Tancook (or that was what the weather forecast said!), I didn't get too much of that until about an hour before I had to return to the mainland. Thankfully, I did take my SB-800 as it helped for high-contrast situations, but I still cannot take to shooting on sunny days.

I kept about 175 files, I will gradually present my favourite images from today's outing as there were some successful captures.

My 20-year-old Domke F2 bag currently houses the D80, all three Nikkor zooms, SB-800 and battery pack and lots of gum, seems to be a good set-up for walking around.


  1. my grandparents and other family live there, I'm going there when I come home. So beautiful. Luckily we take my dad's fishing boat and don't have to wait for the ferry!

  2. Oh? Maybe I have met one of them. Make sure you take your D40 with you - heck, it wold be cool to met up out there with you and your family.

  3. I'd say that too if we didn't all hate each other haha.