Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wooden Boat Festival

We are into our busy summer local events in Lunenburg County, one of the staples is the Wooden Boat Festival in Mahone Bay (I think they now call it "Classic Wooden Boat Festival" for political correctness) Whatever, it can provide loads of photo opportunirties for someone like me who enjoys photojournalism-style imaging.

For practicality, I often carry both Nikon DSLR's at such events, preferring not to be changing lenses due to the real possibility of sensor debris issues, it's better to simply switch cameras. I must look like a professional, many of the tourists label me as such. It can be a bit ungainly especially with an SB-600 on board one of the bodies.

Such venues are wonderful to make new acquaintances, I have noticed shooters are of one flavour or another - Canon or Nikon - I usually approach a stranger toting such equipment and quickly become part of the family=)

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