Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill visits Nova Scotia

It's that time of year, again, weather systems are created in equatorial waters and sometimes make their way up the eastern seaboard to play havoc with us Maritimers. We were nailed with Juan a few years ago and we take a lot more notice of these storms when they are headed our way.

Church was shortened, today, we had only sacrament and it was unusual to have most of the Sabbath to ourselves; I decided to see if there were any photo opps along my drive home, seems I was able to find something worth recording, even in the remnants of a hurricane.

I played around with close-ups on rain, slow shutter speeds, etc, all in the safety of my Sentra (with the passenger's side window carefully opened!). I even tried to outsmart the VR and the pics still are reasonably sharp, even at 1/2 second! I learned from past (and sad) experience that you keep your distance from water when it's like this, Mother Nature can hit you hard if you are stupid........

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