Monday, August 3, 2009

Nikon Coolpix 8400 - too good a compact to put into retirement

I rarely use my Coolpix 8400, it was the camera that began my conversion to Nikon. I won this as an eBay auction about two years ago, paid about $500 CDN for the camera; it had only 700 shutter actuations, it was virtually new and the seller had the orignal box and accesories. About 6500 files later, I still can't put it away despite the fact I now own two Nikon DSLR's and various accessories.

I'd have no issues using the CP8400 for a back-up if my 16-85mm VR gave up the ghost at an important event, the image quality is wonderful and having the equivalent of 24mm is inherently useful. Now that I have Capture NX2 on my laptop, I usually shoot RAW and have even greater flexibility.

With results like this, I might just use it more often.........

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