Saturday, October 10, 2009

A smattering of files from Peggy's Cove

I arrived at the Cove around 12:30pm, yesterday, I had packed all my DSLR gear in my big Domke F-1X bag, I planned on using the Coolpix 8400 as an exercise in training my eye and I had a wedding a few hours later - I didn't want to have any files on cards on either body to contend with if I needed that second camera, and they needed a bit of a rest.

Well, I had shot a lot of files with the CP 8400 and felt out of sorts by not having a Nikon DSLR around my neck; the tourists all seemed to have their own DSLR's, so out came my D40. I did restrain myself, somewhat...........At least I felt like I was part of the snobby visitors=)

The Coolpix images will come at a later date, I have to work the very dense RAW files from it.

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