Sunday, October 11, 2009

Early morning - North West Cove

The Aspotogen Peninsula juts out around the coastline just south of Halifax and forms a part of the Lighthouse Route. It's a bit of a meandering drive and one that should not be done in haste, there are plenty of sharp corners and great scenic vistas.

I had the Coolpix 8400 with me on Friday, still wondering if I should keep this or give it away (nobody is much interested in buying a five-year-old compact), it's rarely used but, when in the hands of a skilled shooter, can yield wonderul photographs. It features Nikons own RAW proprietory format (NEF) and, with Capture NX2, you can do a lot with the rather dense 12 MB files it creates.

As is the case with any compact, the only good results are when using ISO 100.

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