Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day - 2010

It seems I will soon run out of bandwidth using this Google account, too many image files! Today was a gorgeous late-fall day and our small village had its usual Remembrance Day festivities, which includes the short parade with veterans and military personal, plus a few children thrown into the mix.

They started the march from the new fire hall and ended up at the United Church cenotaph; it used to be a longer route from the Legion Hall, but some of the aged in the group cannot walk as easily as they could in their earlier years.

Using two lenses on the D60, the 12-24mm and 70-300mm VR, plus the trusty SB-800, I had no difficulty capturing the various emotions and solemnity of the occasion. I noted the military photographer was using an old Nikon D2X and 18-200mm zoom, along with her own SB-800. I should confer with her to see if they would like some of my captures.

At some point not to far down the road, these few veterans remaining from the second world war will no longer be part of this event. Sad.

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