Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stolen shots

We had our annual stake conference at the Rebecca Cohn, this morning, this is where all the Saints gather once a year. I casually walked in with my Domke F-4AF bag (including the D60 and f/2.8 zooms), I had anticipated shooting some available-light images as I had done there a few years ago. I simply ignored the "no cameras or recording" device signs (why are these things banned from a place that has concerts and plays?)

I was able to get off a few frames before the staff realized I had intruded on their policy. I politely asked that I take a couple from the balcony of the youth choir, this is probably the only record of them performing. They kindly obliged and I stopped shooting.

I put away the bag and enjoyed the conference addresses, realizing I had done my photojournalism duties and stole a couple worthwhile captures.


  1. awesome... though why am i the center of attention in the first picture? XD

  2. Hehehe......I didn't have much time to get this, the framing seemed right, you just happened to be there. Notice that the depth of focus is only on you and the two others.

    Christy has invited me to come take photos this Saturday on the pioneer trek, we can have you in the middle of all of those shots if you want=)

    I won't represent authenticity, they didn't have digital SLR's back in the mid-1850's. Oh well.