Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall colors - old train tracks

I have shot tens of thousands of fall images over the last 25 years, seems I have no need for any more. Of course, when the colors start to spring forth, I still get excited and go shoot.

Years ago, the government in its infinite stupidity decided the train tracks needed to go, the decision created a lot of negative consequences, such as premature road destruction by heavy load-laden trucks. The only benefit to most if from this momentous thinking was a comprehensive system of trails for four-wheelers, bicycles and motorbikes - and great walking pathways.

Anyway, I am slowly developing a love-hate relationship with my Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, but its image quality always is assuredly excellent. Works well on the D80 as the AF is reasonably fast and postive.


  1. Hey Ron, I thought the colours were late arriving this year and not as vibrant as usual so thank you for posting your photos.

    Thanks for dropping by on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were much worse for me. I would pick a pine box and a 6 foot hole rather than go through that again. But today I'm feeling tolerably little pain as long as I stay very still.

    Thanks again, Ron!

  2. Hope you are getting better every day, sounds like it's something to avoid if possible. I was just lucky to get these colors, they are still a bit on the weak side, overall.