Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snagged another Nikon SB-800 flash!

Since the announcement of the latest SB-900, Nikon found the SB-800 to be in very high demand. Alas, it was discontinued (as are all photo products at some point), many shooters scurried to find the erstwhile predecessor and found the market price was quite stiff for this workhorse.

The thermal cut-off on the SB-900 is worrisome to many photographers, it could be seen as a step backwards despite the faster recycling time. Too many horror stories about this flash giving up the ghost at the worst possible time made the desire for the older Speedlight that much more intense.

I had been scouting the Web for some time trying to find a second SB-800, I found one in the GTA with only 500 firings or so - plus the original box and accessories.

Of course, I had to test it out for myself - it seems to be perfect. It feels good to have two of these puppies in my bag, the SB-800 may well be Nikon's best flash unit, ever.

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