Monday, March 15, 2010

A short stroll on a nice day

I feel spring is almost upon us, it sure feels like we can say good-bye to winter. It wasn't a terrible season, it went by fast, but spring has a lot of promising feeling and a sense of newness and beginning.

After some intense reading in my RE textbooks, it was time for a walk. I used the 12-24mm for the first part of my stroll, then came back home and retrieved the 70-300mm - in pain. I rolled my ankle on the usual route I would take, there was a indentation in the ground that wasn't there the last time I walked.

I persevered and brought back some decent images.


  1. I haven't stopped by for weeks, Ron. Like you I am studying. My course is marketing. I've just scrolled through pages of new-to-me photos. You've been very busy, my friend! Your passion for photography is exciting to watch. Good luck with your RE exams!

  2. Thanks Sue. It seems many of us are going through a career change, the 40's are for transitioners!