Friday, February 12, 2010

New glass! Nikon 12-24mm zoom

It's not every day I buy a new lens, so I have to crow about it a bit. Actually, the AF-S 12-24mm f/4 is not a new lens, snagged an absolutely mint model on the Web with some help from a Church friend. It certainly could pass as being new, that's how well-maintained it was.

Just as some background, Nikon introduced this lens about six years ago to address a need to have a true ultra wide angle lens for their cropped-body APS-C sensor cameras (otherwise known as DX). Up to this particular time, traditional UWA's used for film cameras simply could not get all that was often necessary in the frame, due to the 1.5x crop - a 20mm became a less-than-useful 30mm in film terminology thinking - landscape shooters were not happy.

Of course, after Nikon released this lens, imitators followed by third-party makers, but they can't match this baby in terms of sharpness, contrast, low distortion and contrast.

Anyway, my copy seems to do a sterling job, more testing is needed. The main use for this lens will be photographing interiors when I get around to shooting RE listings, but it's just a plain, fun (if not tricky) lens to use.

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