Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-bye to 2009

There are some years that you are simply glad have come to and end, this is one for me. I have had many ups and downs and have no real cause to complain as I could be far worse off - and many people are. My health is good, both physically and spiritually, nothing else matters to some degree.

My photographic skills seems to be very sharp, I need to keep my eye exercised every day.

I caught these images as I drove by DeLong Farms field as the sun had began its disappearing act, seemed like a good metaphor to the end of a year as the sun sets on 2009.

Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks Sue, we missed you and Renoman last night.

  2. Ron-- Sue W sent me your link to show her company of NYE-- I love your photos of cold and NS in general-- miss it all in a strange way, but love NYE on the roof in t-shirts watching the fireworks sent up by 3 million happy people-- actually perhaps only a few thousand buy the firewaorks and the others get to enjoy.(no community organizations or fireman involved-- just go out in the street and point at the sky) An incredible display which some in our group tried to capture on camera with frustration. I bet they could have used your knowhow!Ecuador rocks!