Friday, March 6, 2009

Another sunrise

Following yesterday's theme, I stumbled across this shot as I drove to work, this morning. I could see the orange glow in my rear-view mirror as I sped towards Hemford, I promptly slammed by brakes on, and turned into a driveway - just in time to see the orb of the sun peeking out.

I quickly attached the 70-300mm VR zoom, manually set the exposure, and fired off about a dozen shots; the sun soon was up too high to be as colorful. It turned out the dawn glory soon dissipated, clouds ensued, followed by snow/rain later in the morning.

I did not do a smidgen of post-processing, this was straight from the RAW file using the MORE VIVID setting on the D80.

We get all the weather types in one day in Nova Scotia.

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