Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is this art?

I had the rare chance to shoot a deer, this morning. The creature appeared behind my house as I was getting ready to leave for Bridgewater, I was lucky enough to have my gear bag close at hand. I carefully and quickly attached the 70-300mm VR to my D60, got out of the car, and expected the animal to bolt - but it didn't. I squeezed off about eight frames. I had to bump up the ISO to 800, and, still, at 1/125th second wide-open @ f/5.6, the files were underexposed. Thankfully, I shoot RAW and can fix most mistakes plus I made it into a b/w file.

I added some noise/grain to this for effect, kind of looks like a painting....


  1. This is a great photo, Ron. It's so hard to get a good shot of wild life, they move so quickly! Adding the grain gives it an interesting effect.

  2. I have spent years trying to get a decent shot of a deer, they are very tough to nail. This one is OK, but I long for a supertelephoto lens where I can go out in the wild and wait for my moment...