Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playoff time

As in any sport, the post-season is where it really begins and matters. Last night's game between the host New Germany and Mahone Bay was expected to be a great match, and it was - penalty kicks were needed to decide it after regulation and overtime had concluded. Is that the best way to decide an important contest? That's the way soccer matches go.

Actually, both teams are moving on so there wasn't too much to lose sleep over, there may be a rematch down the road.

I had an opportunity to do some salesmanship - one of the soccer dads who was using a Nikon D90 borrowed my 70-300mm VR for a few minutes of shooting and decided to buy one for himself. Can you say "referral fee"? Actually, some of these files were taken with his 18-200mm VR, which is a nicer lens than I was led to believe my the Web reviews......

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